About Wave & Pearl

What is Wave & Pearl – Ceaseless Writing?

Wave & Pearl – Ceaseless Writing provides authoring services for a wide range of needs across the technical and creative writing spectrum.

The technical writing realm incorporates written content and documentation to support business, not-for-profit, and grassroots initiatives. Flagship services include grant proposal development, project/program evaluation consultation, research writing, case studies, white paper development, and editing. Small and medium-sized businesses can tap into Wave & Pearl’s federal marketplace know-how as well.  

The creative writing realm features ideas and emotions rendered into written expression. This form of communication evokes resonance and impacts audiences through various mediums including blog articles, dedications, memorials, and special writing requests.

About Gina K. Lewis

I’m a creative who loves to write. I want my writing to resonate with the reader and evoke emotion because this makes me feel relevant in the world. I’ve found my way into the grant writing and federal proposal space by writing what funders are looking for, with the added “feeling” needed to compel favor. Facts can be beautiful! I’m your one-woman writing shop. I can provide turn-key written documents through consultation or I can collaborate to create written deliverables throughout the life of a project. Creativity blended with technical flair illuminates what you want to convey in writing.

I endeavor to make a life beyond a living by serving others with the highest-quality written deliverables supporting success and sustaining lifelong growth.

Gina K. Lewis specializes in crafting standout technical writing artifacts for the federal, private, and healthcare marketplace.


Actionable deliverables include:

  • Grant Proposal Development
  • Project development
  • Consultation
  • Funding opportunity research
  • Proposal development
  • RFP development
  • Project evaluation
  • Assessment design
  • Data analysis
  • Specialized research
  • Academic Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Special Requests

Customized writing tailored to fit every Client’s needs.

Her professional background includes developing technical and creative documentation products for private large-scale cloud storage initiatives, a state-administered Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS), federally recognized tribal governments, a national Native American non-profit agricultural organization, a national minority farmer-rancher coalition, and several state agencies.

Through her grant writing and program development activities, Gina has garnered over $25 million in funding for tribal and minority communities and individual agricultural producers.

She has reviewed over $211 million in grant proposals for numerous federal agencies and maintains active status as a federal grant reviewer every year.


Gina’s passionate about AIAN (American Indian and Alaska Native) concerns and our natural, historic, educational, and economic resources. Her formal education supports her drive to preserve cultures and pursue learning on a lifelong continuum. She earned an M.Ed. in Adult Education from Penn State University and a B.S. degree in Technical-Vocational Studies – Vocational Program Development from the University of West Florida.


The meaning behind the brand

A Sea of Words

The ocean communicates with the shore forever. It never ceases. Each wave is a unique creation. Like words, waves can be powerful and nutrient-rich, yet subtle and soft. The crest of each wave effervesces with a froth of oxygen and water:  the building blocks of life. These biomes are fragments of shared information and understanding. The waves swell, crest, and move forward until the shoreline is reached. Upon receding, a treasure rests for us:  a pearl of wisdom, understanding, knowledge, gifts. The waves return to the sea to create another pearl.

The Wave Brings Forth Its Pearl

This creation story is shared as a symbolic offering of ceaseless writing services available through Wave & Pearl. Be it one engagement or many, this relationship is a forward-moving force comprised of your desire to impact the world and Wave & Pearl’s unending quest to land your treasure. Whether you seek funding for a grant proposal, technical documentation, a special dedication, or other authoring product, Wave & Pearl delivers written artifacts from an ocean teeming with resources.